Smart Campus @ UM

By leveraging on humanize approach to digital transformation ;a unique blend of multi-disciplines & cross functions talent development landscape; focusing on analytic based decision making and multi platform accessibility ;  is powering University of Malaya's #DigitalTransformation and is continuously helping the University to establish & position itself  as a world-class institution

UM Digital Transformation Strategy is set to establish an innovative ICT Platform for a leading Malaysia's Research University, with a combination of mitigation of enterprise risks, in support of the continuous development & Improvement, sustainment and optimization of information services and technology & overall University operations towards:

  • Better positioning of UM
  • Cutting edge Talent Development landscape
  • Value driven Innovation
  • Improved user experiences
  • The establishment of Smart Sustainable Campus

It is in line with UM's 5 strategic pillars. (Income Generation, Teaching & Learning, Research & Innovation, Talent and Entrepreneurship)

The strategy was formed to address the following issues :

  • Increased in audit assessment referring to risk and sustainability issues
  • The rise in Cyber Security Threats post Covid
  • The need to support the University to be agile and adaptive to sustain operation in disruptive environment
  • The need to prepare for culturalization of Future of Works – via reskilling and upskilling of IT staff ( centralization of F)
  • The need to support optimization usage of resources

UM Smart Campus Initiatives strategically aim to support and create conducive integrated platform / environment for the implementation of the core areas set by UM ECO CAMPUS Blueprint towards the establishment of a Smart Sustainable Campus

University of Malaya Smart Campus Initiatives 2018-2023 - Click to :