About Us


UM ICT is a strategic partner to the university in providing and ensuring robust and reliable ICT infrastructure and services towards improved user experience via responsive, user-centric ICT services ; value cocreator via the adoption of emerging technologies, provides for insight analytic ecosystem and managing risk to ensure operational resilience by protecting ICT services from cyberattacks and intrusions.

ICT Vision

  • To be an innovative ICT center in supporting research, teaching & learning by providing the state-of-the-art technology.

ICT Mission

  • To provide and support up-to-date, quality ICT facilities to fulfill customer's requirements.

ICT Objectives

  • To provide robust and reliable ICT infrastructure and services
  • To improve user experience through responsive, user-centered ICT services and adoption of Internet-of-Things
  • To improve data visibility through data analytics to support data-driven decision making
  • To protect ICT services from cyberattacks and intrusions
  • To support the University’s strategic plan in income generation and cost optimization
  • To develop an organization with expertise to plan and fulfill ICT requirements

Roles And Functions

  • ICT Infrastructure Management
  • Information Systems Management
  • ICT Security Safeguards and Monitoring
  • Event based IT Support (Multimedia,Live Feed,WiFi etc)
  • ICT Training & Courses