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This catalogue is an introduction to the services we offer and contains useful, practical information about the extensive IT facilities provided for staff and students.

Our IT Services aim to support you in whatever role you have at the University - our staff are friendly and well informed, and will do their best to help you.

ICT Service Catalogue

Incident Handling

Report ICT security related incidents, adverse events and weaknesses to Department of Information Technology.

Threat and Risk Management

Continuous improvement to identify, protect, detect, respond and recover cybersecurity threats and risks and strengthen cybersecurity infrastructure.

Computers, Applications,Servers and Network Security Assessment and Audit

Security assessment and audit services for computers applications, servers and network.

ICT Assets Monitoring and Analyzing

Monitoring and analyzing ICT assets to observe anomalies and abnormalities.

Log Analysis

Log analysis services for forensic purposes.

Security Awareness Program

Conduct security awareness campaign through e-mail, web and training. We handle various latest website development. We also provide consultancy on how to increase your web crawling and accessibility.

Contact Information

Related to Incident Handling, please email to umcert@um.edu.my
Other than that, please email to ictsecurity@um.edu.my

ICT Service Catalogue


Webhosting service for departments, registered bodies and student associations within UM. Create your own websites with your own customization.

Download Web Hosting Guidelines and Web Hosting Application Form below:

1. Web Hosting Guidelines
2. Web Hosting Application Form

Contact Information :-
1. idayu@um.edu.my
2. adlisyah@um.edu.my

Domain name registration

Domain name registration for departments and authorised associations and conferences within UM. Download UM Domain Name Registration Forms.

Contact Information : adlisyah@um.edu.my

Server Optimisation consultancy

Stems from our extensive experience in handling servers , we also provide consultancy services on how to increase server performance and accessibility.

Contact Information : adlisyah@um.edu.my

ICT Service Catalogue

Network Authentication

Available at residential colleges, departments and faculties. Use your UM email credentials to log in. For more information :

1. Network Authentication guide for UM Staff n Student
2. UM Wifi guide for Guest

Wired Network

Minimum speed is 100/1000Mbps for every wired user. Data ports are mostly available in offices, teaching halls/rooms, laboratories and meeting rooms

Internet Gateway Capacity

UM provides a total of 10 Gbps connectivity to the Internet. The connectivity is provided by TM and MyRen.


1. Extends private network across a public network and enables you to send and receive data across shared or public network.
2. VPN Apps For Those Who Need To Access UMMaiL From CHINA


Education roaming is an international roaming service for users in research, higher education and further education. Use your UM email credentials to log in from any location in the world that provides Eduroam service.

Contact Information

Any complaints or inquiries can be made at UMHelpdesk

ICT Service Catalogue

Email Services

Email facility for :

1. UM Student - Siswamail
2. UM Staff - UMMail

Contact Information

Any complaints or inquiries can be made at UMHelpdesk

ICT Service Catalogue

Microsoft 365

Office 365 Education is a free suite of hosted Microsoft services and applications that is intended for your educational needs.

Contact Information

Any complaints or inquiries can be made at UMHelpdesk

ICT Service Catalogue

Microsoft 365

The software you need for your work or studies can be accessed from managed classroom or office machine.

For Staff :
UMPortal (https://portal.um.edu.my/) >> Log In >> ICT Info >> Download Software >> Main Software

For Student :
MyUM (https://myum.um.edu.my) >> Log In >> Software

Contact Information

Any complaints or inquiries can be made at UMHelpdesk or email to umsoftware.support@um.edu.my

ICT Service Catalogue

Portal for Student & Staff

Portal for Staff
UMPortal (https://portal.um.edu.my/)

Portal for Student
1. Academic related services : MAYA
2. Non academic services : MYUM

University Enterprise Systems (Administrative Related System)

Administrative :
  • Student Management (UMSits, MyUM Graduan, Alumni etc)
  • Online learning platform (SPECTRUM)
  • Human Resource (eServices ,eHR)
  • Research Grant & Expertise (RGMS,REMs, UMEXPERT)

University Enterprise Systems (Finance Related System)

Finance :
  • Financial Management (SAP)
  • Procurement , Vendor
  • Asset & Inventory
  • ePay, ebidding, Wakaf

Emerging Technologies (Related System)

  • UM Mobile Portal App. (UMTOUCH )
  • Vechicle Tracking System (BusTracking)
  • Queuing System (UMVACQ)
  • Event Management (UM Event)
  • MicroCredential Learning (Atrium)
  • Open & Distance Learning (ODL)
  • Ticketing (Helpdesk)
  • Online Meeting (eMeeting)
  • Management Information (Dashboard)
  • Facilties, Item and Sevices Booking Platforms (IBS, UMPoint (Space, Service and Item)
  • Research Data Capture (Redcap)
  • Central App. Programming Interface (UMAPI)

Corporate Platform (Related System)

Primary Platforms for Websites (UM Main websites & Departmental websites)
  • UMCMSX - Main University Websites
  • UMCMS - Departmental Websites, Online Courses ( FutureLearn & OCW)
Primary Portals Platforms
  • UMPortal , News , UMalumni, QMEC
  • Visitor Monitoring ,Face Recognition (FR)

Contact Information

Any complaints or inquiries can be made at UMHelpdesk

ICT Service Catalogue

Multimedia Services

We provide services for
  • Multimedia Technical Support
  • Video conferencing/ Web conferencing/ Zoom Meeting & Webinar license
  • Studio recording facilities.
  • Remote Learning facilities training/system/support.

Digital Video Production

We provide services for
  • Teaching and learning Video Content Production
  • Live telecast with two way communications.
  • Video Production and Editing services
  • Multi Camera Production.

Contact Information

Any inquiries can be email at :-
1. Multimedia Services : aminudin.razali@um.edu.my
2. Digital Video Production : nabilah@um.edu.my

ICT Service Catalogue

Commercializations & Collaborations

Backed by our extensive experiences in handling multitude of IT related matters in UM environment , we welcome potential ideas for commercialization and or collaborations both from internal and external parties.

For details please contact our PIC : khairi@umholdings.com.my