VPN Apps For Those Who Need To Access UMMaiL From CHINA


China has the strictest Internet censorship in the world, where common domain such as Google and Facebook are inaccessible, but there are ways one can bypass the censorship while entering China.

UM Staff who need to access UMMail from China , is recommended to use proxy services or commonly known as VPN (Virtual Private Network).

2.How to

a) We recommend Star VPN apps available for iOS Android and macOS

b) Be sure to download (from the App Store or Google Play) and install your Star VPN apps BEFORE you leave for your trip, in case your VPN’s main website is also blocked within the country’s borders.

While connecting into Wi-Fi services in China, open the Star VPN apps and click START TRIAL (free service for 7 days)

c) Use  the apps to make configuration changes (authorization required)


d) The phone is ready to access any Google and Facebook domain when the apps shows "Connected" message and "VPN" system icon appears on top of the phone screen

e) Disconnect from the VPN by sliding the toggle switch at the bottom of the apps once done accessing Google/Facebook domain.

Last Updated: 13/08/2019