ICT Project 2010

Data Centre Management Division 2010 

  • CAMS Infrastructure upgrade
  • Thawte Digital Certificate implementation to support SSL for UM wildcard domain
  • Storage Area Network (SAN) capacity upgrade (amidst configuration)
  • Virtual Centre Server Upgrade (amidst configuration).
  • Antispam Infrastructure upgrade.
  • PTM Moodle E-Learning Infrastructure (amidst configuration).
  • Virtual Infrastructure for Disaster Recovery (DR) site at Faculty of Engineering. (amidst final configuration).
  • Core switches upgrade for Data Centre (waiting for suitable downtime).
  • Re-managing network cable at PTM Data Centre (waiting for suitable downtime).
  • Agnal Leo Rajnikanth Sindhu Rayar (Project Officer)

ICT Planning, Security & Training Division 2010

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Collaborative & Communicative Applications Division 2010

Bahagian Aplikasi Kolaboratif & Komunikasi (Collaborative & Communicative Application Division), PTM (BAKK) . Number of technical staff = 20(7 Programmers, 13 Analysts).

The development activities by the division concentrate on Community Based Collaborative Applications which basically aims to: integrate/develop/manipulate & implement various relevant available Opensoft Software (OSS) technologies & platform.

 Bil   Application(s)    Activity Description 
1. UMEXPERT New Modules Introduced: Principal Investigator Batch Registration Thomson Reuters-ResearchID 8 types of New Screens implemented for Data Verification purposes Grant Application Integration of Lecturer's data with Research ID (for Bibliometric) Research eProgress Report
2. RMIS (Sistem Research Management Info System -IPPP) Grant Application Paten/IPR Modul Pemantau Projek Penyelidikan Modul Research aktiviti (gantt chart & research project milestones)
3. Research Assistant Management System (RAMS) RA recruitment (RARs) RA Management (IPPP,Supervisor)
4. Portal Pengurusan Paten (UMCIC) Online Patent Management Portal for UM Centre of Innovation & Commercialization (UMCIC). The Portal assists UMCIC in managing info related to intellectual property, innovation, technopreneurship, technology transfer, licensing, and business development for the university.
5. Portal UPUM Online Portal For UM Consultancy Unit (UPUM)
6. Portal Industri Akademia UM Industry Collaboration Database The primary objectives of UMICD are: To capture the latest data on UM-Industrial Collaboration To record data more systematically and to make the data available online. To allow UM management monitor latest industry involvement.
7. New Customised Moodle Platform For ADEC Restructuring of Moodle Application Platform & Database to suit UM’ requirement. Integration with both HRIS & SIS Integration with CAS Migration from previous Moodle to New Version 
8. UMPortal (New Modules) New Modules Introduced in UMPortal VMIS- Tempahan Kenderaan Online Modul baru PG e-services Tab baru Akademik dan Penyelidikan Modul baru Student Attendance System (SAT) Modul baru UG Services & e-Management Function auto logout jika laman idle lebih 5 minit Modul baru Grant Management System & Intellectual Property Right
9. Research Grant Management System (RGMS) New efinance v2 for IPPP Provides Integrated Online Research Grant Management function to UM Research Community
10 UMISISWEB ( New Modules) ew Module Introduced : Registration & Exam Result Checking For Dental Student
11. CAS (New Admin Screen)  New Screen For Admin-PTj to expediate HelpDesk activities.
12. UMMail (New Modules) Introduce Captcha function New Admin Modul to handle online application for special account New function to handle compressed message New screen to capture user’s alternative emel
13. SISWAMAIL Implementation of SISWAMAIL on Google Apps Platform New Email Platform For Student Batch register existing Perdana user (33 368) Develop New Portal For SiswaMail which Integrates curent registration platform with Google Apps Rerouting of mail messages from Perdana to SiswaMail
14. M Short Messaging System(UMSMS) Broadcast exam result for Medical Faculty Integration with HelpDesk System
15. e-Payment (Online Credit Card) Bendahari Modul Pembayaran Yuran untuk Undergrad Seminar International Conference on Islamic Marketing and Branding (ICIMB) 
16. Common Reservation System (Wisma R&D) Online Facility booking For Wisma R&D 
17. Sistem kompilasi data perkara dasar & polisi akademik Bah Akademik Database of “Cabutan Kertas Dasar & Polisi Akademik” for Bahagian Akademik, UM
18. UMConference  (New Module) Full paper submission & template registration,epayment
19. Integrated PTj Account Management System (IAMS) New Modules: Skrin menjana surat setujuterima bagi sebutharga jpphb Modul prestasi pembekal dalam Umportal Modul Penilaian Prestasi Pembekal 
20. Online Thesis & Dissertation New Online Thesis Portal introduced to complement DSPACE. It is fully integrated with other UM internal Systems.
21. Online Vendor Registration Portal =New Integrated Vendor Registration Portal for Univresity wide eprocurement purposes 
 Bil   Application(s)   Activity Description 
 22. UM Website Portal engine Upgrade of UM Website CMS engine : New internally developed CMS engine for Main UMWebSite Migration from old CMS to new CMS Arabic & Persian websites Implement ‘auto URL encryption'
 23. PTJ Websites & Special Function Websites Generated via Internal Centralized CMS engine CCM edi UMCONVO 2010 34 Faculties/ Institute /Departmental websites 8 Research Centres websites
Total Number of sites generated = 1344 Number of CCM edi training conducted = 26
 24. UMPortal Portal engine Upgrade of Staff Portal Engine Upgrade from PHP 4 to PHP 5 (20 modules) User Interface content slider Special block for ‘special messages' on MyDesktop Notification for Number of email received on MyDesktop 
 25. UMPortal Module enhancement MyDesktop UI enhancement FileSharing enhancement Roombooking enhancement eOrganizer enhancement
 26. UMExpert Portal Engine Upgrade & UI enhancement of UMEXPERT CMS 
 27. UMIsisweb portal engine Upgrade of Student Portal engine
 28. UMAlumni Front page UI upgrade Database restructure & new verification function Batch registration for 2010 alumni
 29. Mailing List Distribution of Mailing List Admin to PTJ 85 types of mailing list had been redistributed to various PTj to expediate administration process.
 30. UMRefereed Academic Journal (UMRefJournal) =Integration of EJUM data with UMRef Journal
 31. UMPress Portal Engine Upgrade of existing UMPRESS portal engine - Web Of Science Payment Incentive Module - Auto Extract BiblioMetric Data from ResearcherID   

Administrative Applications Division 2010

Administrative Applications Division is responsible for the planning, development, implementation, maintenance, enhancements and upgrades of all application systems used by University Malaya for the administration of students, finance related, human resources, facilities, assets and complaints.

 Bil  Application System  Function 
1. UMSAT (UM Student Attendance System) Allow lecturer to take the students’ attendance via an online system based on the course registered. (on theory courses)
2. Helpdesk System Developing new Helpdesk System on web basis allowing management of complaints on ICT.
3. Online Marking Entry System Allowing lecturer to enter the students’ mark online (for undergraduates)
4. 4K Smartcard Encoding System Development of new program tu replace the old encoding program for 1K card. 
5. e-Selection Enable the selection of postgraduate students at PTj level via web and internet.
6. e-Progress Report Allowing postgraduate students to send in their progress research report and enable the respective faculty to evaluate the report online.
7. e-Penamaan Calon Online nomination of candidates.
8. e-Voting Online vote casting
9. Sistem Pinjaman dan Pemulangan Jubah Enable final year students to select their gown size to be rented and used during convocation ceremony.
10. Overtime Claim System Management of overtime claim online.
11. Sistem Tuntutan Wang Pendahuluan Diri Online personal advance claim
12. Sistem Tuntutan Pengajaran Sambilan Online part time teaching claim
13. Sistem Permohonan Pengajaran Sambilan Online part time teaching application.
 14. e-Disiplin Management of staff discipline. 
 15. Sistem Pemantauan Pensyarah SLAB/SLAI Online SLAB/SLAI progress monitoring by BSM dan responsibility centres.
16. Sistem Pelanjutan Tempoh Pengajian SLAB/SLAI/HLCB Online SLAB/SLAI/HLCB extension application.
 17. Sistem Permohonan Cuti Luar Negara Menyediakan kemudahan untuk staf memohon cuti untuk ke luar negara.
 18. Sistem Permohonan Cuti Persidangan Online conference leave application and approval
 19. Skrin "clock-in" selepas waktu rehat Jumaat Capturing staff clocking in time on Friday afternoon.
20. Kod sistem UMRCIS Berjaya berfungsi di UMPortal Migration of UMRCIS to UMPortal.
 21.  Sistem Peperiksaan Perkhidmatan Management of services exam & staff attendance online by the HRD.
 22. Sistem Pengisytiharan Harta Online asset declaration and verification
 23. Sistem Lapor Diri Online staff reporting. 
 24. Sistem e-Recruitment (Akademik dan Bukan Akademik) ditambahbaik Enhancement of e-Recruitment (Academic dan Non-Academic)
 25. Modul Pertukaran Pelantikan Melalui Pemberian Opsyen Management of recruitment change through option by the Human Resources Division. 
 26.   Sistem e-Application for Postgraduates versi baru Replacement of current e-Application, more user friendly.

Customer Services Division 2010

PTM implemented 2 antivirus software upgrade projects for Symantec and McAfee antivirus. These projects were for 9000 units of computers belonging to staff and computer laboratories in UM. Upon completion of the projects, PTM is able to centrally monitor the status of the antivirus software of all the 9000 computers. The Symantec antivirus software version was upgraded to Symantec Endpoint Protection 11 for 4500 units of computers and the project commenced in April 2010. The McAfee antivirus software version was upgraded to McAfee VirusScan Enterprise 8.7i for 4500 units of computers and the project commenced in November 2010.
This was a pilot project where only 200 units of computers were joined to Active Directory domain. The PTjs that were involved were Pusat Teknologi Maklumat and Department of Registrar. The project commenced in December 2010. PTM will implement Active Directory to all other PTjs in stages.
In August 2010, 1000 units of desktop computers were procured for allocation to newly appointed staff, replacement of staff’s computers that were more than 6 years old, and for the replacement of old computers in the computer laboratories. The brand and model of the computers were IBM LENOVO M58.
In August 2010, 160 units of laptop computers were procured. The laptop computers were distributed to deans and directors of academic PTjs and eligible staff who opted for laptop computers instead od desktop computers. The brand and model of the computers were DELL VOSTRO 3300.
The staff’s new campus card is a 4 kilobytes smart card replacing the old 1 kilobytes smart card, and it has the following features: 

Access control at doors and gate barriers.
Capability of making payments using ‘Touch and Go’. 
New design printed on card The exercise to replace staff’s campus card started in November 2010 and is due to finish in March 2011.
The centralization of ICT support staff under Pusat Teknologi Maklumat was approved by the UM Management on 13th October 2010. With this, provision of ICT services to the campus community will be better managed. 

The ICT support staff attached at the PTjs report to PTM in the following areas: 

Maintenance of ICT hardware and software at the PTj level 
Security of ICT hardware and software at the PTj level 
Record and documentation of ICT hardware and software at the PTj level 
Deployment of ICT projects organised by PTM
PTM’s quality objectives in solving ICT problems are as follows: 

80% of complaints in the Helpdesk System solved by PTM are solved within 4 working days.
90% of complaints in the Helpdesk System solved by PTM are rated at least 3 out of a scale of 5 Both quality objectives were met.

Network Division 2010

PTM received applications from all faculties to provide the data point for either new staff or replacement of data points that have been damaged. During the year 2010, the two quotations have been carried out involving 1000 units of data points. To ensure consumer applications completed in a short period, PTM first perform a purchase process through the quotation. When there is an application, the contractor appointed to install a data point and the number is less than the tendered amount of data points / quotation. This can ensure that consumers are not waiting for a long time to get the network facilities. 

The total installed a new data point : 1000 units.
IP Sec VPN installation is to enable the intranet site can be accessed from outside the campus. It will facilitate access to intranet web site using only Siswamail account that is linked to the database.
Purchase of 25 units of workgroup switches required for the purpose of maintenance of the entire UM. Replacement of faulty switch can be implemented quickly when there is damage to premises. Moreover when there is additional data point, the switch should also be added to the location.
Hardware is to manage the allocation of bandwidth lease line UM. This management enables users to enjoy wireless internet access to more quickly after office hours. This is because the wireless bandwidth will be increased from 400Mbps to a larger number depending on the application.
During the year 2010, the University Information Technology Center has been discussing with internet access provider to upgrade from 300Mbps to 400Mbps. Major impact of this project is to ensure that users can access the network facilities more quickly and efficiently.

Lease Line of Origin: 300 Mbps Upgrade Stage 1: 400 Mbps.
To ensure that UM students can enjoy a better quality in terms of access to the Internet, through the UM Center for Information Technology lease line was upgraded in 2010, from 100 Mbps to 400 Mbps. This shows the commitment given to the convenience of students and staff in particular.

Lease Line of Origin: 100 Mbps Upgrade Stage 1: 400 Mbps.
Installing Firewall Appliance for Server Farm and the DMZ will allow the server capacity to accommodate a link to the network from 100Mbps to 1 Gbps.
UPS Acquisition is intended to replace the UPS has been damaged in the PTM. It will be located in the Server Room, Data Center Management, PTM.
The new network hardware equipment has been purchased and will be installed in the building of Wisma R&D.
The new network hardware equipment has been purchased and will be installed in the New Administration Building (Chancellery).
A total of 50 units of an access point, a controller unit has been installed at Wisma R & D for the benefit of students and staff.
The purpose of Car Parking Barrier Gate System installed at the campus outside Wisma R & D is aimed at the control of entry and exit of staff and visitors of the building.
nformation Technology Center often receives several complaints from employees who face the problem of conflict UM IP address where the situation occurs when there are two computers using the same IP address at a time. Therefore, the FM has decided to implement the DHCP function to prevent this from happening again.
Door Access Control System was purchased in 2010 and will be installed at the New Administration Building (Chancellery) in February of 2011 is expected to be completed within a month.
A total of 50 new and 10 Datapoint switch unit is installed in all voting centers to ensure that the E-Voting can be conducted online. As he had done in previous years, the work was continued by providing a special VLAN for that purpose. Although E-voting is held in early 2011, but the technical preparation of the network should be implemented first because it involves 18 locations around the campus.

Total Datapoint for E-Voting: 192 Switch Number: 18

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