ICT Project 2008

Data Centre Management Division

  1. Uprade of Financial Information System server.
  2. Upgrade of Centralized Backup System.
  3. Upgrade of Storage Area Network capacity by 9 TB.
  4. Implementation of Verisign Certificate on UMPortal system to enhance security
  5. Acquisition of Verisign Certificate for SIS OAS system.
  6. Development of Patching Infrastructure to facilitate safe testing and application of security patches.
  7. Implementation of WebAlarm security software on Webhosting2 server to protect the integrity of web sites hosted on it.
  8. Upgrade of RAM in UMMail system.
  9. Upgrade of RAM in Human Resource Information System database server.
  10. Acquisition of new DNS servers to replace the obsolete systems.
  11. Acquisition of server for LDAP Wireless to enable users to leverage the existing UMMAIL accounts and passwords to authenticate to wireless network.
  12. Acquisition of server for Central Authentication System.
  13. Acquisition and implementation of Door Access System.

Collaborative & Communicative Applications Division

Collaborative & Communicative Application Division (Bah Aplikasi Kolaboratif & Komunikasi) was formed in 2002

Presently all application developed are Open Source Software (OSS) Based either by Joint Venture effort or by internal expertise. Joint Venture effort with selected vendor usually becomes the choice when the requirement to make an application available is rather urgent and our present existing technical staff either has not enough technical know how or not enough man hour to spare resulting from the fact that the personnel who developed the existing systems available are also required to support current continous users need.

The development activities by the division concentrate more on Community Based Collaborative Applications which basically aims to: integrate/develop various relevant available OSS technologies & platform with existing portal/system towards a manageable enterprise wide system for the university.

Ummail Upgrades exercises in 2008 include upgrade of Mailbox Quota and upgrade of File Sharing Quota, The Mailbox quota upgrade are:


  • Professional staff (Academic and Executive) from 50MB --> 100MB
  • Support Staff from 20MB --> 50MB
  • All students mail quota was upgraded to 20MB

Quota upgrade for UMMail File sharing according to categories :

  • Profesional staff (Academic and Executif) the file sharing was Upgraded to 50 MB
  • For Support Staff the file sharing was Upgraded to 30MB
  • For Student the file sharing was Upgraded to 20MB
 Year  2008 Mac 2009 
Web Mail   Mail Client  Web Mail Mail Client 
Number of staff’s access on UMMail  43 881  Not Tracked  111 694  10 608
Number of student’s access on UMMail  83 563  Not Tracked  75 221  1 407

Quota upgrade for UMMail File sharing according to categories :

Problem Cases / Year  2008
Forgot Password  722
Problem in sending & receiving emels  35
Not Receiving emels from Mailing List  17
Mail Quota Problem  12
Not Receiving Mail from Outside Mail Service   6
Inactive account   12
Others- MIscellaneous   143
In July 2008,we have embarked on another project in looking into implementing an instant messenger service as part of our extended electronic communication medium . For this project our team have tested the Ejabberd Messaging server using an open source jabber client. The beta test was successful but we are looking further into the possibility of implementing an online web based chat system as part of our customer service platform. The experimenting work is still on going but not yet become a priority project.
CAMS or Centralized Authentication Management System is the system that provides single sign-on services to the staffs and students of University of Malaya(UM) to several systems. Since its inception, more than 4,000 staffs and 30,000 students are using the system to authenticate themselves to various systems in UM. Some of the systems include UMPortal, UMISISWEB and IAMS. Efforts are made in 2008 to replicate the initial infrastructure for redundancy purposes before more and more systems being tagged to the CAS service.


Year 2008 Mac 2009
Total visits  617,213  139,250 
Max access per day    10,741 5573 
Average access perday  1686.45  1961.27 
Proof of Concept completed in December 2008. Student no longer need to register via separate means.Student are able to use the new wireless services once they registered themselves into Perdana Mail. Similarly Staff are able to use the wireless once they registered into UMMail.
18/7/2008- UMWebsite Won bronze medal,third place "Best International Website Pages" QS-Apple Creative 2008 Awards during "4th QS-APPLE" in Seoul, Korea on 9-11 July 2008

Statistic of information & Design updates and hits for UMweb site : 


Year   2007  2008 Mac 2009
Number of information updates done on the
main UM Web sites
 209 423  68 
Number of Design Updates done on the
main UMWebsites
 Not Tracked  40  10
Number of hits according to Google Analytic  Not tracked 1,080,519  82,283 
Content Collaboration Management System (CCM) is the Aplaws++ Open Sourced based engine used by PTM since 2004 to generate and manage several departmental websites. CCM was the first CMS engine used by PTM to manage the UMWebsite until 2006. In 2007,UM embarked on a digital branding exercise which involved the reconstruction of a new UM WEBSITE. A new CMS engine was introduced to allow for more design features and more efforts had been put on the concept and effects that the website was supposed to generate henceforth. Meanwhile some departments still maintain their website using the CCM engine up to today.


Year   2008
 Num of Pages
Total Number
Number of Departmental websites residing in CCM :    11
Sport Centre   10  128 pages
Cultural Centre   10
Asia Europe Institute   16
Institute of China Studies   7
Faculty of Arts & Social Science   12
Faculty of Built Environment   11
Faculty of Dentistry   11
Faculty of Education   12
Faculty of Engineering ( Dean Office)   5
Faculty of Law   7
Faculty of Language and Linguistics  9
Institute of Principalship Studies  18
Number of training done on usage of CCM     6
CCM edi 2.0 is a new version of Content Management System with extra design features for the following new web site(s). With the introduction of new engine responsibility centres can now choose which engine to use to generate their websites based on their design preferences . The engine was first introduced and used by the Centre for Civilisational Dialogue in 2008.


 Year  2008
 Number of Departmental websites residing in CCM edi 2.0:
  • Centre For Civilisational Dialogue
Number of pages Maintained / Monitored  8
Number of Training done on CCM edi 2.0   2
A Conference Management System (http://umconference.um.edu.my) was developed by the division in 2007  to  help Faculties’  rep to generate conferences website , manage participant registrations and abstract submissions.


 Year      2008       Mac 2009 
Number Conference generated by the system    5  9
Number of conference abstracts submitted into the system   12  53
Number of user trained   7  4

Total abstracts uploaded into UMConference in 2008 

 No.   Conference Total  Abstract 
 1  International Conference on Ethnic Relations: Issues & Challenges  2
 2 International Conference on Project Management   10
Total  12

Total abstracts uploaded into UMConference until 11/3/2009
 No.   Conference  Total Abstract
 1 Third International Meeting on Frontiers of Physics 2009  40
 2 Seminar Ekonomi Islam Peringkat Kebangsaan 2008/09   5
 3  International Conference on Research in Islamic Laws 2009/1430H  8
 Total  53
UM Directory of Academic Staff (http://umexpert.um.edu.my) is an application aims  provide a standard and managed platform for UM Researchers to introduce and promote their research work  and ultimately aimed to promote UM as a Research University. The application was first introduced end of April 2007 to resolve the issues of updating the lecturers CV on the UM Website.


 Year  2007   2008 
Number of users    388  1222
Number of Modules introduced in UMExpert   18  new  10
 existing  18


New features/screen to capture more specialized information  in 2008 are:

  • intergration with Student Information System (SIS) which include screen for individual academician to view course and teaching evaluations, List of subject and student & Course timetable
  • New page to capture  the Publication abstract for  selected display in UM WebSite
  • Research Output
  • Biography
  • Clinical Duties
  • Commercialization
  • Leadership Designation


The Online Research Gallery (http://umfacts.um.edu.my/gallery/) is a special module which aims to provide a standard platform for each UM lecturers to introduce a short synopsis of their own research to the general public. The index page is viewable via the UMWebsite.


 Year      2008      Mac 2009 
Numbers of Research Synopsis Published for UMWebsite    53  21


Our team started a joint venture development of the system sometime in March 2007 and fully completed the project at the end of 2007. This system was initially intended to support the publishing process of peer-reviewed scholarly journals but later after recognizing the broader perspective that the technology provided could support, the name UM E-Journal was then changed to UM Refereed Academic Journal . This is also to ensure no confusion over the presently available EJUM system of FSKTM. This UM Refereed Academic Journal is an integrated publication management system which aims to collect information on the academic output of University of Malaya instead of only scholarly journals

Statistic number of Journal uploaded into UM refereed :


 Year  2008
Numbers of Journal uploaded into the UM Refereed Journal System 

Faculty of Built Environment

  • International Journal of Property Sciences

Faculty of Medicine

  • Journal of the University of Malaya Medical Centre
For IPPP, Faculties, Institute & Centers (http://rmis.um.edu.my/)


New Moduls introduced in 2008:
Generate Research University(RU) Report from UMExpert from within RMIS are Research Project , Publication, Paten and consultancy Project enabling the IPPP to check umexpert’s data from within RMIS.
Modules upgraded in 2008:- Online Application (UMEKSPO 2008).

Statistic of Module introduced under RMIS :

 Year  2006   2007 2008 
Number of New Modules/Reports  Introduced in RMIS   4 New Modules   2 New Reports   2
 Upgrade existing  4 Upgrade existing   6
Faculty of Arts & Social Science Special Journal (http://portalfsss.um.edu.my)

The Malaysian Civilization Portal is a project by the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, University of Malaya to showcase research and work on Malaysia carried out by members of the Faculty and those associated with it. The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at the University of Malaya is one of few academic institutions in the country that has strength in all Asian civilizations – Malay, Islamic, Chinese, Indian, Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia and aborigine studies, based on various disciplines including Geography, History, English, Anthropology, Sociology, International Relations, Gender and others. The portal will draw its contents from these expertise and strength.
Befitting the ongoing global digitization of information, the portal will take the form of a web-based database to be accessible for all who are interested in the study of Malaysia. It is the hope of the Faculty that the portal will serve as part of University of Malaya’s contribution to the advancement of knowledge – especially on the uniqueness of Malaysia as an area of study.


 Year        2008       
  Numbers of Articles uploaded into the  Portal
Tamadun Malaysia   


The portal was developed to store papers arising  from research at the  Faculty, and aims to  provide an electronic  platform for the publication  of unpublished articles,  work in progress and work  in press.For Faculty  of Languages & Linguistic (FLL) (http://workingpaper.um.edu.my).
Currently used by several lecturers and students for selected courses.



No.  Total   2006/2007 Sem. 2   2007/2008 Sem. 1  2007/2008 Sem. 2  2008/2009 Sem. 1  2008 / 2009 sem. 2
 (Feb 09) 
 1. Total Courses UM E-Learning   192  239  316  221  180
 2. Total Courses Offered by UM   2470   2473   2423  2564  2414
 No. Number of Registered Users  As on Feb 09 
 1. Staff   1,114
 2. Students   15,775
 Total number of registered users  16,889

Introduction of Drop Box in 2008 :

Module Dropbox which allows students to submit assignments (softcopy) to their lecturers for each courses in UM e-learning is the latest module that had been added. Altogether UM E-Learning has 11 main modules (Announcement, Assignment, Documents, Forum, Learning Track, Links, News, Notes / E-Book, Online Quiz & Survey, References). Integration with Student Information System was upgraded. It enables the lecturers to get list of updated students once they activate their courses in UM E-Learning ( before and after the course confirmation date).


Master in Biosafety by distance learning web sites was created and maintained by PTM since 2006. It is an international academically accredited course based on a combination of distance-learning and on-campus training sessions. The on-line course is of twelve months duration and leads to an academically accredited Master in Biosafety in the University of Malaya. The programme is supported through a technical cooperation project under the aegis of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), and is endorsed by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MONRE) of Malaysia
UMPortal was first implemented in 2002 with the objective of separating the information specifically intended for staff from those viewable by the general public (on UMWeb Sites). The application has been constantly upgraded since then to cater for new form information  integration with existing internal system.

UMPortal On Module Staff e-Services

Most significant module introduced in 2007 was the Staff e-Services which had been developed capitalizing on the UMPortal engine platform and customized in a distributed manner by separate team members from Hris under the Administrative Application Division. All online forms under this category are integrated with the existing Human Resource Information System (HRIS) realtime.

There has been significant increase introduction of new modules under the category of Staff e-Services in 2008. Compared to forms introduced in 2007, only 4 types of online form was introduced under Medical Services  and  2 types under the "Latihan & Perkembangan Staf". 

In 2008 , 4 new categories were introduced namely:

- Penilaian Prestasi
                • Laporan Penilaian Prestasi
- Cuti -
                • Permohonan Cuti Persidangan ***
                • Permohonan Cuti Sabatikal ***
                • Permohonan Cuti Penyelidikan ***
                • Permohonan Cuti Tahunan ***
-Perkhidmatan & Saraan
                • Permohonan Kenaikan Pangkat Akademik
                • Permohonan Kenaikan Pangkat Bukan Akademik***
                • Borang Penilaian Potensi Kepimpinan (Penilaian 360°)***
-Ad Hoc
                • Pelantikan Dekan/ Appointment of Dean***

Just to highlight  here that all the above mentioned online forms are accessible by UM`s Staff

UMPortal On Modules e-Organizer & Room booking:

Two responsibility centres : Pejabat Canseleri and Fakulti Alam Bina( Fac of Built Environment) requested  to use the UMPortal room booking functions. The function enables both centres to control the nature of the rooms they made available in the system for either internal or external booking.

e-Organizer : was upgraded from the previous version to cater for integration with the HRIS database.The main purpose of the integration exercise ti to provide multiple point of access from single database. The move to integrate was partly resulted from the HRIS project to introduce new online attendance system that centrally record all the staff attendance and activities . The new system also enables staff to apply leave via the UMPortal’s Staff e-Services function ‘cuti’ . Hence forth, the staff activities of a certain department entered in UMPortal  are also viewable from the new attendance system.



 Year  2008
Numbers of users logged in for UMPortal   
Number of hits for UMPortal hits according to google analytic     55,597  
Number of modules within UMPortal   


 Year  2008
Numbers of users logged in for Umisisweb 15,025
Number of hits for Umisisweb according to google analytic    228,527 
Number of Modules tied to UMisisweb   20
Introduction of integrated google mail for Alumni via the UMAlumni Portal  in Nov 2008.


The Google Mail for UM Alumnus facility is hosted and administered by Google. The function and facility provided are similar to the normal gmail. The only difference between the ordinary gmail and the alumni gmail are :

           • In the email address where each user will have " @alumni.um.edu.my"                            attached to their username.
           • User are able to see UM logo on top of the google mail interface

Statistic of UM Alumni users :

Year    2007   2008   Mac 2009 
 Number of users    195  1146  160
The RSS Feed technology was tested in some test  areas sometime in Jun 2008.

From then onwards, Infos from UMINFO and Student Infos are transformed manually by (members of the UMMail Administrator team from the Mail version to the RSSFeed version.

After the successfull  initial operation of RSSFeed, we then developed a standardised adminisration system which we called UMNews server to manage the news disemination via  RSSFeed . UM’s community are able to view the updated news from various pages such as:

                    • Staffs are able to view uminfo via scrolling messages on the                                            frontpage of UMMail and UMPortal
                    • Students are able to view student info via the scrolling messages on                                the frontpage of Perdana Mail and Umisisweb


Number of News Information managed via UMNews since inception :

 Year   2008
Numbers of RSS Feed News ( UMInfo  Rssfeed)   1013
Student Info RssFeed  333
UMWeb News   236
Total    1582 
For administrative & academic with audiences covering staff , student and public. The system was first introduced in 2007 to cater for divisional assessments. UM E-Survey allows UM community to create and manage multiple web based surveys inside a single box. See the following increase in number of usage of the applications.


Statistic number of Survey & Users trained for UM E-Survey 

 Year  2007   2008 
Numbers of surveys conducted via UM e-Survey   3 39 
Number of user trained   2  11
Special Polling system customizable for special cases such as:
  • Rubella Info Survey in 2007- Project under Office of Deputy VC ( Academic & International)  (http://infosurvey.um.edu.my/)
  • Academic Staff Survey in March 2009- Project under Office of Vice Chancellor  (http://acadsurvey.um.edu.my/)
Filling the gap of distributed account handling for Bah Perolehan, PTM, Faculties, Pendaftar, Klinik Pelajar & PPHB

Statistic  number of PTj  & Number of Users using IAMS:


 Year  2006   2007   2008   Mac  2009 
Number of Responsibility Centre  using IAMS to manage their yearly budget   4   5   34   38 
Number of new users trained   28  96  148  15

Statistic total number of miscellaneous reports & letters generated automatically via IAMS:

Total of 11 types  of Miscellaneous report generated by the IAMS system   1681   25,468   82,416   15,785 
Total of 6 types of miscellaneous pre-formated letters generated via the IAMS system   25  656  162

Administrative Applications Division

  1. Integrated Student Information System (ISIS)
  2. Integrated Human Resource Information System (iHRIS)
  3. UM Responsibility Centre Information System (UMRCIS)
  4. Staff e-services System, UMPortal
  5. Financial Information System (FIS)
  6. Space Management System (Aperture)
  7. ICT Helpdesk System
  8. Property Helpdesk System (SAP)
  9. Attendance and Leave Management System (ALMS)
  10. SmartScore System
  11. Student Account Enquiry System
  12. Course Registration System for Post Graduates
  13. Course Registration System for Undergraduates
  14. Course Registration Enquiry System
  15. Extra Credit Hours Application System
  16. Address Update System for Post Graduates
  17. Academic Advisor System
  18. Staff Information System
  19. Integrated Property Management System (iPMS)
  20. Course and Teaching Evaluation System (CTES)
  21. Campus Card Information System (UMCCIS)
  22. Campus Card Encode System
  23. Scroll Awarding System (SASy)
  24. Door Access System (UMDAS)
  25. Examination Attendance System (EXAS)
  26. Multimedia Presentation for PTM Showcase
  27. Centralised printing of campus card
1. e-Attendance System:
This system was developed for recording daily and overtime attendance. System is implemented in stages to several pilot PTjs. The pilot PTjs, as at February 2008, are as follows:-
  • Pusat Teknologi Maklumat
  • Fakulti Sains Komputer & Teknologi Maklumat
  • Pejabat TNC (Pembangunan)
  • Jabatan Pendaftar
  • Fakulti Alam Bina
  • Perpustakaan
  • Fakulti Perakaunan & Perniagaan
  • Pejabat Keselamatan
  • Kolej Kediaman Pertama
2. Integrated Human Resource Information System (iHRIS)
i). Recruitment Module
This module facilitates the processing of recruiment information, starting from the advertisement of vacant posts to the generation of staff number.
(ii). Promotion Module
This module facilitates the processing of staff promotion for both academic and non-academic staff.
(iii). Training Module
This module facilitates the recording and updating of staff training information comprising of internal courses, external courses, induction courses, Biro Tatanegara courses and English placement courses.
(iv). Service Module
This module facilitates the recording and updating of staff service information.
(v). File Management Module
This module facilitates the tracking of the whereabouts of staff personal files.
(vi). Allowance and Claim Module
This module facilitates the recording and updating of information of staff allowances and claims
(vii). Annual Performance Appraisal Module
This module facilitates the recording and updating of information of staff annual performance, annual salary movement, salary increment, KPI and others.
(viii). Asset Declaration Module
This module facilitates the recording and updating of information of staff asset declaration.
(ix). Service Record Book Module
This module facilitates the generation of the complete information on staff service, movement and career in UM. This information is compiled and extracted from various modules in iHRIS for the purpose of sending information to JPA. 

3. Responsibility Centre Information System (UMRCIS)

(i). Academic Promotion Module (Administrator Version)
This module facilitates the processing of academic promotion applications. The Promotion Unit in BSM is the system Adminitrator and is able to retrieve information on application status and self-assessment details of applicants. Available functions are as follows :

  • Applicants list, i.e. professor, associate professor & senior lecturer.
  • Applicants self-assessment form and printout
  • Applicants CV printout
  • Applicants self-assessment score printout
  • Publication format printout

(ii). Academic Promotion Module (Evaluation Officer Version)
This module facilitates the evaluation officer to evaluate the applicants who apply for promotion. Available functions are as follows:

  • Mark entry
  • Confirmation of applicants self-assessment

(iii). Leave Records Management Module (System Adminitrator Version)
This module facilitates the recording, processing and monitoring of staff leave and attendance. The system adminitrator is appointed by the individual PTj. Available functions are as follows :

  • Leave information configuration i.e. leave entitlement, golden handshake, leave approvers and offday for staff on shift
  • Attendance information configuration i.e. staff working hours and shift information, registration of non-staff (e.g. industrial trainees), updating of temporary staff information.
  • List of reports i.e. leave records, attendance by PTj, overtime records, list of absentees, and list of staf with emergency leave, etc

(iv). Leave Record Management Module (Leave Approver Version)
This module facilitates leave application approval by leave approvers . Availabe functions are as follows:

  • Processing of staff leave applications
  • List of staff on leave and list of leave cancellations

(v). Annual Performance Appraisal Module (System Administrator Version)
This module facilitates the management and monitoring of the annual performance appraisal exercise. Through this module evaluation marks can be entered and reports can be generated.

(vi). Staff Information Module
This module facilitates the viewing of staff information by senior officers of the PTj.

4. Online Enquiry of Student Account System
5. Inventory Asset System
6. Attendance and Leave Management System
  • Online Postgraduates Course Registration System
  • Online Enquiry of Course Registration System
  • Online Current Address Updating for Postgraduates System
  • Online Alumni Registration System
  • MBBS Examination Module (phase 1) in ISIS
  • Online Staf Information System
  • Online Staf Leave System
  • Online Asset Comdemn System
  • Online k Maintenance JPPHB Helpdesk System (SAP)
  • Smart Card Information System (phase 1)
  • Central Printing of Smart Card by PTM
  • Multimedia presentation for Launching of Open Source Function
  • Multimedia presentation for Launching of MyRen Function
  • Multimedia presentation for PTM Showcase
  • Grafik Design for UM Strategic Plan 2005 - 2009
1. Student Information System (ISIS)
2. Financial Information System (FIS)
3. Human Resource Information System (HRIS)


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