ICT Project 2005

Data Centre Management Division
  1. Disaster Recovery Plan Phase 1 : Risk Assessment and Business Impact Analysis.
  2. Campus Domain Name System (DNS) Hardening which encompassed the following activities :
    1. Upgrade Domain Name System architecture.
    2. Enfore the use of private DNS IP on 8,000 PCs on campus.
  3. Active Directory Pilot Project, involving 300 PCs from 6 PTj.
    1. Active Directory implementation creates a managed ICT environment on campus.
  4. Viruswall Implementation : A Virus Outbreak Prevention System.
    1. Five units of this appliance have been deployed at several locations around campus to prevent virus outbreak.
  5. Server Room Temperature Monitoring System Implementation. This system sends alerts via sms automatically when temperature reach certain threshold.
  1. Visitors

    BPPD has warmly received a group of 4 visitors from Bahagian Teknologi Maklumat, International Islamic University Malaysia on th 23rd of November 2005.

  2. Visit

    A few of BPPD staffs, being members of the Antivirus Evaluation and Selection Committee, have visited UITM, Shah Alam to listen and share experiences on evaluating, selecting and implementing antivirus software for campus

ICT Planning, Security & Training Division

The Training Division conducted a total of 27 training classes for staff of UM in 2005

  1. ICT Courses organized by PTM: view details...
    1. Basic ICT Course for Security Guards - Introduction to PC which consists of:-
      • File Management in Windows XP - on 28th and 29th July 2005
      • Introduction to UMMAIL - on 24th and 26th August 2005
      • Sticker Application - 1st and 2nd Sept 2005
      • MS Word - on 8th dan 9th Sept 2005
    2. Adobe Photoshop CS Course - on 29th and 30th June 2005
    3. Adobe Illustrator CS Course- on 5th and 7th July 2005
    4. Cluster, Parallel and Grid Computing Course - on 23rd - 25th August 2005 005
    5. MS Excel Course - on 22nd - 23rd Nov 2005 & 29th-30th Nov 2005
  1. Computer Maintenance Course (Basic) - 22/3/05
  2. MS Access Course (Basic) - 23/3/05
  3. Network Security Course - 30/3/05
  4. Computer Maintenance Course (Basic) - 13/4/05
  5. Introduction to Linux Course (Basic) - 19/04/05 - 20/4/05
  6. MS Excel Course (Basic) - 27/4/05 - 28/4/05
  7. Computer Maintenance Course (Basic)- 17/05/05
  8. MS Excel Course (Basic) - 21/06/05 - 22/06/05
  9. Computer Maintenance Course (Basic) - 23/06/05
  10. Macromedia Flash Course - 27/06/05
  11. Computer Maintenance Course (Basic) - 20/07/05
  12. Programming in PHP and MySQL Course -21/07/05 - 22/07/05
  13. MS Excel Course (Basic) - 23/08/05 - 24/08/05
  14. Computer Maintenance Course (Basic) - 25/08/05
  15. Network Security Course - 29/08/05
  16. Computer Maintenance Course (Basic) - 19/09/05
  17. MS Excel Course (Basic) - 20/09/05 - 21/09/05
  18. Network Security Course - 22/09/05
  19. SPSS Course (Basic) - 19/10/05 - 20/10/05
  20. Computer Maintenance Course (Basic) - 20/12/05
  21. MS Excel Course (Basic) - 21/12/05 - 22/12/05
  22. Wireless Network Course (Basic) - 17/01/06

Three PTM Bulletins were published in 2005, the booklets were distribute to campus to communicate share about the current activities conducted by PTM

  • PTM Bulletin first publication - Jan 2005
  • Buletin PTM second publication - April 2005
  • Buletin PTM third publication - Sept 2005 - online version
  • Open Source Seminar - 28 - 29 March 2005
  • MyRen Roadshow - 14 June 2005
  • SPSS Seminat - 25 February 2005

Licensed software provided by PTM is available in software.um.edu.my, following are the list of software purchased by PTM

  • SPLUS Software - Faculty of Economics and Administration.
  • SPSS Software - Faculty of Business and Accountancy, Faculty of Economics and Administration, Faculty of Medicine.
  • Microsoft Office 2003 - for whole campus.
  • Matlab Software - Faculty of Engineering, Institute of Science Mathematics, Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology.
  • MAPINFO Software - Faculty of Architecture.
  • SOPHOS Antivirus
  • Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator - Department of Media Studies, Faculty of Art and Social Sciences
  • MAPINFO Software - Geography Department

Video conferencing sets were provided to Kampus Kota, Academic of Islamic Studies, Academic of Islamic Studies branch campus in Nilam Puri, and Dewan Ixora at Lecture Hall Complex of Science Faculty.

Some of the PTj which used the facilities are listed below:

  • Medical Faculty used video conferencing facility weekly to provide distance learning to Hospital Kelang dan Hospital Banting.
  • Dentistry Faculty used video conferencing facility weekly to provide distance learning to Universiti Sains Malaysia.
  • E-Lecture program among University of Kyoto, University of Tsinghua and Universiti Malaya.
  • Perdana lecture by Profesor Dr. Ab Aziz bin Mohd Zin of Academic of Islamic Studies was broadcasted to Academic of Islamic Studies branch campus in Nilam Puri.
  • Discussion between external examiner from University of Victoria, Canada and Lecturers from Faculty of Law.
  • Video conferencing between University of Denmark and Profesor Dr. Abdul Halim bin Sulaiman & team on E-Learning.

PTM installed a second Internet gateway for research network, this new facility is called MYREN (Malaysia Research & Education Network). For phase I, a few faculties were linked to this network, they include Medical faculty, Institute of PostGraduate Studies, Faculty of Science, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology.

Use for high performance computers was give a new push by the setting up new clusters and linking them into E-Grid - in September, GERANIUM (Grid Enabled Research & Network Infrastructure for Universiti Malaya) was setup. The following are the clusters link up in E-Grid after a cluster computer training was completed in August 2005.

  • FSKTM Cluster
  • Virtual Reality Laboratory
  • CAD/CAM Cluster
  • COMBI Cluster
  • Freedom Cluster
  • PTM Cluster
  • Video conferencing facility.

Not less than 20 video broadcasting were done in 2005, the broadcasting was done using IPTV and webcasting server - the video from the camera was sent into the UM computer network, users can view the events in real time video using any networked PC. The followings are some of the live broadcasted events.

  • Sri Perdana Lecture by Y.Bhg Naib Canselor Dato' Profesor Dr Hashim Yaacob.
  • Monthy briefing by QAMU on Quality Management System.
  • Opening and closing ceremonies on internal audit & Sirim audit.
  • A total 10 sessions of UM convocation in Dewan Tunku Canselor were telecasted. The recorded video were printed on DVD and were sold to graduate for the first time.
  • Lecture by Prof Dr Shih, President of National University of Singapore.
  • Tun Suffian Memorial Lecture organised by Law faculty.

PTM monitored the access to Internet from the UM network during office hours. The objective quality committed by PTM is the Internet availability should be 95% for each month. The followings are the availability for the respective months:

  • January 2005 - 98.3
  • February - 97.7%
  • March - 100%
  • April - 97.8%
  • May - 99.2%
  • June - 99.4%
  • July - 100%
  • August - 98%
  • September - 97%
  • October - 98.6%
  • November - 99.8%
  • December - 90.8%

Average annual availability is 98.1%.

In response to increasing security threat, PTM has developing a procedure to detect PC which are infested by viruses, this process is necessary because some PC owners are not aware of virus infection in their own PC. The detection is by the use of viruswall, monitoring of bandwidth usage at the gateway and antivirus server, the list of infested PC are mailed to the IT staff at the faculties weekly to for actions. Some of the information tools developed are: database for PC and IP ownership, this application is useful to identify the owners of infected PC.

To upgrade PC services, management of PC and network in UM, Microsoft acive directory were installed on 300 PC in various faculties in 2005, implementation on other PC shall continue in 2006.

One Information Systems Officer and Computer technician are assigned to Kampus Kota for the maintenance of campus network and 300 PC. Computer Laboratory in City Campus is used as IT training centre by PTM.

Collaborative & Communicative Applications Division

Responsible for activities such as undertaking study, development and maintenance of web based collaborative systems.This division was also acknowledged by MAMPU among one of the active pioneer in using and implementing Open Source Technology of wide scaled nature.

Successfully organised an Open Source Seminar - The Way Forward in collaboration with COMAT International Group Sdn Bhd and SUN Microsystem on the 28th & 29th Mac 2005 in Auditorium Perdana Siswa. Audiences include among others representatives from IPTAs , government agencies like MAMPU, JPA , MARA and also representatives from private sectors.

  1. Mail Electronic _ Ummail & Perdana Mail
  2. Staf Portal - UMPortal
  3. Student Portal- Umisisweb and SMS Service
  4. Web Engine Administration- Content Collaboration Management System (CCM)
  5. Lab Booking System - Faculty of Science
  6. Abstract Online - Faculty of Language and Linguistic
  7. Online Working Paper - Faculty of Language and Linguistic
  8. Meter Reading Administration System - PPHB
  9. Sistem Kewangan (Financial Tracking) - PPHB
  10. Contractor Registration System - PPHB

E-Document - Faculty of Medicine (FOM).The Open Sourced based system was purchased by FOM in 2003.

  • Stock Management System - BPOP
  • Complaint Log System - Data Centre , PTM
  1. Upgrade of CCM engine for UM Web Administration:

    Content Collaboration Management System (CCM) is an Aplaws based engine used to manage UM Website in a distributed manner. It was first implemented at the end of 2004 with the prime objective of providing a manageable framework for PTjs with no technical staff to update their website. It is centrally manage and monitored by PTM. PTjs with technical expertise however have the choice either to implement their own website or use the web hosting facilities provided by PTM Data Centre. At the time of this report, there are about 111 registered CCM users from 74 Ptjs all over UM, whilst 11 PTjs chose to implement their own website and another 13 PTjs use the web hosting service provided by PTM.

  2. Electronic Mail Monitoring and Management:

    From Ummail perspective, 2005 witnessed activities which cover the security aspect encompassing server hardening and applications modifications. Such activities involve joint effort between two divisons; the Collaborative Applications Sections alongside with Data Centre. Most of the monitoring and maintainance activities actually Centreed around issues involving MailGateway, DNS, Storage, Memory Size, number of servers involve , database tuning besides having to fight off virus and spamming issues.

  3. UM E-Learning:

    UM E-Learning was first introduced to selected UM lecturers in June 2005. Phase 1 customizations include full integration with existing Student Information System (SIS). Up to the time of this report, 52 lecturers from 9 faculties and 3142 students are involved in the first level usage test of the system.

  4. IAMS - Integrated PTj Account Management System:

    IAMS project was developed following the succesfull implementation of E-Perolehan IT ( the first 100% Open Sourced based application developed by PTM technical staff that won the Anugerah Inovasi MAMPU in 2003). IAMS however has replaced many of its previous features . It uses TCL/Tk as its language on AOL platform instead of PHP on Apache but still maintain PostgreSql as its database. The system has been developed in a bigger framework following requests from various PTJs like Klinik Pelajar besides Pejabat Pentadbiran PTM and PPHB.

  5. Project Monitoring System - PPHB:

    This system was intended to help PPHB monitor their project statu.It started development in June 2005 using Open Source Technology ( PHP as its language and PostgreSql as the database). The new system also targeted at replacing the old existing system in PPHB which presently uses Microsoft Access platform. To date 70% of the development process has been completed.

  6. Patient Registration Management System - Dental Faculty:

    The development of the system started in Mac 2004 to replace the existing system in Dental Faculty. The later faced the problem of technical support as initial developer the system is no longer available.The new Open Source based system developed by PTM is now being test live by users in Dental.

  7. Sistem Permohonan Pelekat dan Pendaftaran Kenderaan Online - Pejabat Keselamatan:

    This particular system aimed to facilitate online registration and application for car stickers to the university staff and student.It was initially requested by Pejabat Keselamatan in early 2005. It went into operation in July 2005 to handle staff vehicle registrations and student vehicle registration in September 2005 . To date, there are approximately 5894 staff vehicles record and 2967 student vehicles record registered in the system.

  8. Sport Facility Booking System - Pusat Sukan:

    The system was initiated in response to the request by Pusat Sukan to have a systematic means to manage the sport facility booking. The system caters for 3 main functions consisting of the Administration module for Pusat Sukan, staff booking in UMPortal and student booking in Umisisweb.Staff of the university will be able to book the facility provided via the Staff Portal - UMPortal whilst student can do so from the booking functions provided in Student Portal -Umisisweb.

  9. WebCasting:

    This technology basically enables broadcasting of pre-recorded or live digital video in real audio format. In UM, the first Helix server casting trial implementation was done during the 2005 convocation ceremony. Usage of this technology has become popular ever since and has been used by PTM to broadcast multiple events alongside with the IPTV facility. One of the main feature of this technology is users are able to access the broadcasted items thru their browsers application.

  10. Upgrade of QAMU Website:

    The project started at the end of 2004. It covers the development of additional modules such as visitors statistic and 20 most popular SPK documents. To date, 90% of the development part are completed and in testing stage. Next modules to be included are E-Aduan and E-Survey.

  11. Central Authentication Management System (CAMS):

    CAMS is an engine intended to separate and manage the Single Sign On feature using the KERBEROS an Open Source Based Technolgy. Single Sign On as its name suggests play an important role in an environment where users have to access many sistem and remembering different username and password has become impossible. CAMS started development in early 2005 and was put on trial run via the UMPortal. The engine is now being upgraded into the second phase which include features to cater for Ummail password changes and new users before it is decided to be put on real production mode.

  12. Research Management Information System(RMIS) - IPPP:

    Research Management Information System (RMIS) was initiated in 2005 after recognising the need to systematically record and manage all facet of information gathered under UM research arm (IPPP).

  13. Online Payment Facility FPX - in collaboration with MEPS & Bank Islam:

    The project was requested by Bendahari Universiti Malaya to provide online payment facility to the student at large. The project was started formally in November 2005 with joint efforts of staff from Collaborative Applications Division, Administrative Applications Division, Data Centre, MEPS and Bank Islam

  1. Representing PTM UM as Ahli Jawatankuasa Pemandu Open Source Sektor Awam.
  2. Envivio WebCasting technology Proof of Concept in collaboration with Dental Faculty.
  3. Consultation on preparation of document digitisation project specification for Dental Faculty.
  4. Undertaking study on various available E-Document solutions
Administrative Applications Division
  1. Integrated Student Information System (ISIS)
  2. Financial Information System (FIS)
  3. Human Resource Information System (HRIS)
  4. Space Management System (Aperture)
  5. Online ICT Helpdesk System
  6. Online JPPHB Helpdesk System (SLK)
  7. Attendance and Leave Management System (ALMS)
  8. Course and Teaching Evaluation System
  9. Online TITAS System
  1. Integrated Student Information System (ISIS)
    • Admission Module
    • Course Registration
    • Pre-requisite Courses
    • Undergraduates Examination Module
    • Submission of Dissertation Process
    • Refund of Caution Money dan Library Deposit Process
    • Academic Advisor Module (Phase 2)
    • Hostel Module
    • Student Affairs Module
    • Student Health Clinic Module
    • Integration with Smart Card System
  2. Financial Information System (FIS)
    • Implementation of 'one user one login'
    • Student Accounting Module
    • Fees and Credit Hours Generation Process
    • Automitic Refund of Caution Money Process
    • Fees Payment via internet BIMB/BCB
    • Payroll Module
    • Automatic Calculation of Golden Handshake (Hadiah Gantian Wang Tunai)
    • Electronic Payment System (EPS) - Payroll via Bank Islam
    • SLAB Allowance Module
    • Welfare Loan Module
  3. Human Resource Information System (HRIS)
    • Issuance of Gurantee Letter
    • Enhancement of all screens
    • Integration with Attendance and Leave Management System (ALMS)
    • Integration with ISIS, FIS and SISPEN
    • Integration with Smart Card System
  4. Online Enquiry of Student Account System
  5. Inventory Asset System
  6. Attendance and Leave Management System
  1. Online Postgraduates Course Registration System
  2. Online Enquiry of Course Registration System
  3. Online Current Address Updating for Postgraduates System
  4. Online Alumni Registration System
  5. MBBS Examination Module (phase 1) in ISIS
  6. Online Staf Information System
  7. Online Staf Leave System
  8. Online Asset Comdemn System
  9. Online k Maintenance JPPHB Helpdesk System (SAP)
  10. Smart Card Information System (phase 1)
  11. Central Printing of Smart Card by PTM
  12. Multimedia presentation for Launching of Open Source Function
  13. Multimedia presentation for Launching of MyRen Function
  14. Multimedia presentation for PTM Showcase
  15. Grafik Design for UM Strategic Plan 2005 - 2009
  1. Student Information System (ISIS)
  2. Financial Information System (FIS)
  3. Human Resource Information System (HRIS)
Network & Customer Service
  1. Pusat Teknologi Maklumat to PerdanaSiswa)
  2. Pusat Teknologi Maklumat to Fakulty Language & Linguistics
  3. Institut Pengajian Siswazah to Sports Centre
  4. Institut Pengajian Siswazah to Asasi Sains Staff2 Building
  5. Sport Centre to Academy of Islamic Studies
  6. Cad/Cam to Law
  7. Faculty of Arts to Zaaba Library
  8. Faculty of Arts to Faculty Economy

The main objective is to upgrade the backbone bandwidth from 100Mbps to 1000Mbps

  1. Installation of 800 units PC desktops for staff & students
  2. Installation of 30 units Notebooks for Top Management Officials, Deans and Directors
  3. Installation of MYREN network at Cad/Cam, Faculty Medicine, Faculty Computer Science, Faculty
  4. Science, Institut Pengajian Siswazah and Faculty Arts
  5. Provide additional wireless hotspots at strategic position in the campus
  6. Setting of Network infrastructure for new building, Faculty Economy
  7. Installation of CCTV / IP Cameras at Canselory Building, PerdanaSiswa, Faculty Science and Main Library
  8. Installation of projectors for Auditoriums, Lecture Halls and Seminar Rooms
  1. Installation of core switch at Network Centre Pusat Teknologi Maklumat
  2. Upgrading of network equipment for PerdanaSiswa, Exam Building and Bursary Office
  3. Installation of Uninterrupted Power Supply for wiring closets
  4. Installation of cabling and CCTV/IP camera systems for
    • KL Gate
    • PJ Gate
    • Jalan Ilmu Gate
    • Faculty Language Gate
    • Damansara Gate
  5. Installation of Humidity monitoring systems for data Centre and network Centre Pusat Teknologi Maklumat
  6. Installation of CCTV / IP Camera systems in Kampus Kota.
  7. Installation of Smoke detection units for Pusat Teknologi Maklumat, Kampus Kota Library, Network Centre Cad/Cam and Network Centre Faculty Art