Guide for Staff


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  1. Your UMMail account is the key to host of online applications available for staff . It is the Single Sign On password for you to access all staff related online services.
  2. Please keep your password confidential.
  3. Please observe your conduct when using the University Resources according to the ICT Guidelines and follow these Safety Tips.

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  1. Please use the Auto Password Recovery facility if you forgot your password

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  As a UM employee, you will need to frequently :

  1. Visit UMPortal ( for staff related general services)
    Log into UMPortal to apply for training courses, record your KPI, apply leave,declare your assets every five years, apply for Guarantee Letter. initiate procurement when you are tasked to and many more.
  2. Install UMTouch mobile application on your smartphone.
    UMTouch is available from Playstore and Apple Store. Use UMTouch to clock-in and clock-out via QR code at your office, declare health status, register your presence at specific UM building.
  3. UM Academics are required to update academic related activities in our UMExpert (information required are expertise and research areas publication, research areas &, supervisions, teaching, Academic/Professional Services, membership, award, paper presented etc)
  4. Checkout other ICT services at our Service Catalogue.

Last Updated: 20/10/2021